“Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food” by Lysa TerKeurst is an older book. It was written in 2009, but if you haven’t read it, it masterfully addresses the all too common struggle so many of us encounter, filling our desires with food not the person of Christ.

We all know He is enough, more than enough, but most of us do not live it out. We look at our expanding waist lines and lament. We feel defeated and dream of losing weight, but we seem to stay in that place, sated by chips and chocolate, excusing our actions because they aren’t as bad as what others do or justifying them based on life circumstances.

However, Lysa leads the reader not through one more diet plan that focuses on shedding pounds and reaching a goal weight, but through a spiritual journey to treat our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit. She delves deep into the forces that drive us to look for fulfillment, illustrating that we cannot overcome anything in our own strength.

The power to overcome belongs to Him and Him alone. In order to overcome our struggles with food, we must lean hard into the Holy Spirit, dining on a steady diet of God’s Word. Lysa is incredibly honest about the intense struggles we can encounter when fighting this spiritual battle to maintain our body as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, a living example of whether we are seeking Him before any of the fleeting pleasures of this existence.