This is a deeply honest look at the broken wells we run to again and again for strength on a daily basis, and how they cannot fill us. Over the course of the first six chapters, Gretchen takes a look at the broken wells we run to, and how they fail to fill us up. She discusses how the rotten roots of misplaced identity impact our hearts and how what we really need is to bring our nothing to Him to receive His everything. He is the well that won’t run dry, and we must find our contentment in Him.

Over the course of chapters seven through eleven, Gretchen illustrates how we must live for Christ. We must put the Word before the world as a way of life, and not by means of our “to do” lists. She shows how He brings beauty for ashes, but that we must choose to be with Him. We must remain with Him by accepting pruning, believing in His Word, identifying false vines, delighting in Jesus, and enduring with joy. We naturally tend to run in the opposite direction from all of these things. Christ understands our weaknesses and invites us to drink from the well that won’t run dry, no matter the season.

Finally in part three, chapters twelve through sixteen, Gretchen points to the Way. We must weed out sin in our lives, while remembering that we are works in progress. She points out that “we must walk away from desiring perfection in our lives because in pursuing worldly perfection for our lives, we tend to lose sight of the Perfect One.” He is more concerned with our holiness than our temporal happiness. She discusses that we must fight with spiritual weapons and that ministry is not about ease or abundance but faithfulness and obedience.