This little volume is an oldie but goodie. It landed in our personal library as a gift to my husband from a fellow student when he graduated from Geneva College with his master’s degree in organizational leadership. Since then, I have turned to it countless times seeking inspiration for myself or for someone in my sphere of influence. It has never disappointed.  

The book offers thirty mini-chapters on topics relevant to Christian leaders –  i.e. Identity, Delegation, Weariness, Failure, Creativity and Courage. Each one includes a brief description of the topic, a scripture verse, an account from the author’s personal journey and a reflection for his readers. This is a must-have for every one of us serving in the trenches of God’s army as we struggle with doubt, opposition, fatigue and more.  

Here is a sampling from the chapter on OWNERSHIP: 

“Do not be afraid!..For the battle is not yours, but God’s.” (2 Chronicles 20:15 )

I am not fighting this battle for you, God. It’s your battle, and you are fighting for me. It is all yours, and I want whatever you have for me in this situation. It is not my organization, it is yours, so I depend on your Spirit to show me what to do. These are not my people. I chose them and organized their efforts, but they do not belong to me. You entrusted them to my leadership, and they agreed to follow me. They deserve more and sometimes expect more of me than I can give them. What they really need is enormous. If I take their needs and hopes and fears on myself personally, I will be crushed instantly. They are yours.…So this day is yours; I am yours; these people are yours; the resources are yours. The challenges we face are yours, as is anything we hope to accomplish. It’s yours, God. It’s not mine. 

Reflections: Constantly practicing God’s ownership liberates us for creative leadership. We just lead. All the rest is the Owner’s business.  

I strongly encourage you to add this little gem to your personal stash. It’s small enough to tuck into your ministry bag for inspiration on the go. I promise that you will be blessed.