Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands is a very comprehensive book written in a very approachable style.  I confess that not being a trained counselor, this one took me months to read.  I’d read a bit and have to stop to process what I read.  I finally finished it two weeks ago!  Now, to truly absorb what it says, I will need to read it a second time, putting into practice the many teachings in each chapter.  This is an excellent read; just don’t expect to breeze through it.

In this book, Tripp covers the effect of sin in our lives and how to correctly apply biblical ministry to our sinful situations.  As we do this, we become ambassadors of the Kingdom.  The remainder of the book unpacks a powerful model of personal ministry based on two goals: heart change and following the example of the Wonderful Counselor.  Tripp unpacks these using four words: Love, Know, Speak, and Do.  He details how to implement each step and why it is critical.