In this book, Lysa shares about her experiences of setting boundaries and of ultimately having to say goodbye to her most important human relationship, her marriage. She shares many foundational boundary principles, includes helpful therapeutic insights from her counselor, and includes a “Now, Let’s Live This…” section at the end of each chapter helping readers to “remember, receive and reflect” on the principles shared in the chapter.

Lysa not only shares from her personal experience in setting boundaries with friends and with her now ex-husband, but she also gives specific examples of what to say to set a boundary and how to respond well in difficult situations and when others do not respond well to a boundary we have set. Lysa clearly explains what scripture says regarding boundaries and whether we are to remain in or leave destructive and abusive relationships. She shares specific scriptures and explains how those verses should be interpreted and how they have been misinterpreted. One topic I particularly enjoyed was on how to remain calm and behave in a godly way in the middle of an emotionally charged situation.