In the conclusion of this book, Jen Wilkins is quoted saying, “It is one thing to say that women are permitted to teach women, and quite another to deliberately cultivate and celebrate their teaching gifts.” Empowered & Equipped cultivates and celebrates the teaching gifts of women. This is the book so many women’s ministry leaders have been looking for for a very long time. There is a great need among non-seminary trained women’s ministry leaders and women in general to know how to study and teach the scriptures faithfully. I would also imagine that at times those with seminary training could use updates and refreshers. This very reader-friendly book can easily accommodate both types of readers.

It does not shy away from academic terms or depth of teaching, but it does so in a concise and easy to understand and replicate fashion. Using acronyms, Higgins teaches the use of five basic steps of inductive Bible study. Within each step, she outlines smaller steps to take to thoroughly walk through each main step. She often uses wonderfully helpful acronyms to help the reader remember each step! Higgins also discusses the nature of the Bible, genres of scripture, the overarching story of the Bible, doctrinal teaching including specific teaching tips, and contexts for teaching women God’s Word. This thoroughly sound book covers many bases very concisely. It’s one I personally put lots of highlights and post-it flags in. I’ll be referring to this one frequently!