This Week in the BRN Family, speakers and participants contributing to the 2023 Accelerate Conference share what they are looking forward to most at this year’s conference! What are you most excited about!?

Pastor Ryan Day

“When it comes to the Accelerate Conference, I look forward to the fresh sense of kingdom inspiration and ministry motivation that comes from the speakers and workshops. The Accelerate Conference renews my confidence in Christ and gives me courage to keep leading our church in faith.” – Ryan Day, Accelerate Conference Emcee, Lead Pastor, Wrightsdale Baptist Church, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Robert Fontell

“I am looking forward to the upcoming Accelerate Conference for helping me to gain more information and insight to become a healthier leader for my church. I also look forward to making new connection with pastors and church leaders.” – Dr. Robert Fontell, Breakout Speaker, BRN Church Health Consultant (Philadelphia)

Mark White

“Connecting with the pastors and leaders that I don’t get to see that much and, of course, spending time with Jeff Christopherson, who I believe has a very helpful and distinct outlook on churches right now.” – Mark White, Breakout Speaker, Campus Pastor, Keystone Fellowship, Montgomeryville, Pa.

Farshid Rezaee

“I am excited about meeting fellow gospel partners in U.S. I am sure we will have lots of good discussions.” – Farshid Rezaee, Breakout Speaker, PRISM Campus Minister, Apologist, Evangelist, and Preacher

Brennan Coughlin

“I was blown away by Jeff Christopherson’s book “Once You See” and am so excited to hear him speak at the Accelerate Conference!” – Brennan Coughlin, Breakout Speaker, Lead Pastor, Fellowship CrossPoint Church, Chesterfield, New Jersey

Tom Dawson

“Our God-given purpose is an answer to a problem. I look forward to those in attendance growing in purpose, so that the BRN churches can continue to be an answer to the world’s problems.” – Dr. Thomas Dawson Jr., Breakout Speaker, Senior Pastor, SOAR Church, Woodbine, New Jersey

Steve Sheldon

“I am praying that those attending the 2023 Accelerate Conference will worship and celebrate Jesus. In addition, I am praying that all will take a deep look at our churches and how we are affecting our communities and our world for the Lord, especially with the challenges presented in the breakout session.” – Steve Sheldon, Breakout Speaker, BRN Associate Church Health Consultant (South Central)

Ruth Hueber

“I am looking forward to seeing God open the hearts of local church leaders to truth that the message of the Gospel never changes but God wants our heart to be open to how he can use us differently in our community to share that Good News!” – Ruth Hueber, Breakout Speaker, Outreach Director, Fellowship CrossPoint Church, Chesterfield, New Jersey

Tim Walker

I’m looking forward to investing in and learning alongside other leaders who are investing in multiplying disciple makers, leaders, and churches. God has used many BRN leaders to sharpen and strengthen my ministry in past years, and I’m praying that God can use our workshop to play a small part in something much larger that he’s doing in people as they are pursuing kingdom multiplication in life and leadership.” – Tim Walker, Breakout Speaker, Lead Pastor, Restored Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

John Cope

“Looking forward to seeing fellow kingdom partners and the challenge from Jeff.” – John Cope, Breakout Speaker, Send Network Director PA/SJ, Senior Pastor, Keystone Fellowship

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