In the early 2000s, there was a television show called MythBusters. The show followed two guys who were special effects experts and used science to test the validity of myths. The myths were “busted” when their results indicated the myth was not true. Many times, when a myth would “bust,” the team would research the myth to seek out the origin of truth.

Leadership is one topic that has a lot of myths surrounding it. Let’s take a nod from the MythBusters team and bust some of these myths with truth.

Myth: Leaders are charismatic and extroverted.

Truth: Leadership is not “one size fits all” proposition. Leaders have different personalities, strengths, and giftings. God created you for a purpose, and when He knitted you together in your mother’s womb, He knew the kind of leader you would be.

Myth: Leaders need a bunch of letters after their name.

Truth: Leadership requires a blend of education and influence. Education can help you steward your influence, but having education without influence is like having tools without power.

Myth: Leaders are perfect.

Truth: Leaders make mistakes. Sometimes a leader can be measured by her response and recovery following a mistake. Remember, the only perfect Leader was nailed to a cross.

Myth: Leaders talk a lot.

Truth: The best leaders are listeners. They actively listen—to their coworkers, their friends, their children—wherever they have influence, they are listening to those around them.

Myth: Leaders have all the answers.

Truth: Leaders are not afraid to admit when they do not know something. They are humbled enough to admit they don’t know something and teachable enough to seek out the answer. Leaders who stop learning will eventually stop leading.

Myth: Leaders are born.

Truth: Leaders are not born; they are made. It takes work, perseverance, and humility to become a leader. It does not happen overnight.

Myth: Leaders never show vulnerability.

Truth: When leaders show vulnerability, it not only benefits the leader, but it also encourages those around her. A leader knows when and where to set boundaries, while also allowing others into her world to see the best, the messy, and everything in-between.

Myth: Leadership only happens on a stage.

Truth: Some of the best leaders I know are faithful, hard working men and women who love the Lord and want others to experience the same kind of love. They’ll never step foot on a stage or experience the heat of the spotlight, but they will lead on their knees by asking the Lord for opportunities in the mundane. They will lead by teaching their grandchildren about a risen Savior, by taking groceries to the widows in their church, and by being a caring neighbor.

Myth: Leaders are always in management.

Truth: Leaders are not always in management. Leadership is more about posture than position. Leaders do not have to be the first one in command to lead well. A leader knows how to lead from the second chair, third chair, fourth chair, and so forth.

Myth: I’m not a leader.

Truth: You are a leader. Whether its moments spent with your family, talking with your coworkers, or planning a Bible study—you are influencing those around you, and you are a leader.

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Catherine Inman is the event coordinator for Women’s Leadership Training Events at Lifeway. She served as a girls ministry director and as a missionary in Europe, Africa, and Asia, before coming to Lifeway. She is passionate about equipping women to serve where God has placed them. In addition to her work at Lifeway, she is currently pursuing a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University, while also serving in various ministries in her local church.

This article, reprinted with permission from Lifeway Christian Resources, first appeared on Lifeway Women’s blog  here.