The heartbeat of #LovePASJ and now #ServePASJ is to mobilize the church around the mission Jesus gave us when He commanded us to go into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We do this best when we are able to both share and show God’s love through various acts of compassion in our communities. There is no stronger bridge to loving our neighbors. Engaging our communities with the Gospel is paramount if we want to see lasting life change.

This is why I am excited to share with you our upcoming SERVE ERIE Tour coming up in the fall on September 20-21.

Why did we pick Erie? Erie, Pa. (zip code 16501) is the poorest zip code in the state and the fourth poorest in the United States. The median income for this zip code is $10,873 with a poverty rate of 26.2%.

The needs in this city are many but the laborers are few. We need your help. We have partnered 30 of our BRN churches as well as the Erie City Rescue Mission to do projects all over the city, projects that involve from working in schools to serving refugees, light construction projects, and serving the city’s most vulnerable. This is going to be both fun and impactful– all we need is you!

Go to our website,, now and sign up that you are interested in coming and we will let you know when projects go live and any updates as we get ready for a great weekend.