What do Moses, David, Abraham and the disciples have in common?  They were all going about their normal routines from tending sheep to fishing to sitting on the front step at home on a hot day when they were invited to join God on mission. It’s amazing to see how God showed and continues to show up in our everyday experiences to invite us to join him where he is at work.

Pastor Josh Crans and Providence Church – Coatesville have been busy caring for and developing relationships with the students and families in the Coatesville Area School District–mentoring youth and working toward equitable educational opportunities for the most vulnerable.

God used this everyday work and these relationships to direct Crans to his next ministry assignment: Coatesville school board member.

Crans explains, “The board wasn’t technically something I was intentionally pursuing. A board member moved out of the district and their seat opened up. Different community members, teachers and administrators reached out to me in January to see if I would run for the vacancy. My wife Jordan and I committed it to prayer and felt like it would be a great opportunity to make an impact.  I thought I would offer a unique perspective to the board and help strengthen the district’s relationship with the community.”

The Coatesville  Area School District has experienced persistent challenges over the last several years. A revolving door of superintendents coupled with students transferring to other schools have left the the district in an unfavorable financial condition. However, the new school board and administrators are working tenaciously to place the district on a strong footing.  “The current school board and administrators are really turning the district around in a new direction. But, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. I’m excited to serve alongside them in that work,” says Crans.

This opportunity is a natural progression for Crans, “As Christians we are called to care for ‘the least of these among us.’  I want to do just that for our students.”  Crans’s goal is to be a light for Christ and is praying that the Lord uses him in an awesome way. “This is an open door to serve the Lord and serve others,” says Crans.

In response to Crans’s appointment, Send Philly’s Kyle Canty wrote in a Facebook post, “Here we see a planter investing heavily into their community looking to effect some tangible change in their context. This is what living in mission looks like.”

There are 14 million people in PA/SJ who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How is your church on mission in your community?