From March 15 to March 20, Harvest House Community Fellowship was blessed with a mission team from southeast Texas. During their week of ministry, the team prayed over 900 homes in Towanda and Ulster, Pennsylvania. They were able to meet many people and engage in gospel conversations as well as meet real needs for hurting people and people in crisis.

The mission team from southeast Texas prayed over 900 homes in Towanda and Ulster while serving with Harvest House Community Fellowship.

On Thursday March 17, North Rome Christian School’s Bible classes joined the team in the morning as they walked the community streets praying for Jesus to redeem lost souls.

Each family we prayed for was left with a door hanger that let them know we prayed for them and basic information about our church. God’s power and provision was on full display as we saw Him use the team to minister to people in desperate need of God’s grace.

On Sunday March 20, the team participated in the church’s worship service, where two new families attended as a direct result of the team’s intercessory prayer.

The team that came consisted of adults and teenagers. The trip was organized by a consortium of entrepreneur business owners called The Tent Makers. Their mission is to run their businesses as missionaries for God’s Kingdom and the advancement of the gospel. They completely funded the trip from their business provision and came to serve and give.

Harvest House Community Fellowship is grateful beyond words for the provision God provided through them. We continue to pray for the 14 million lost souls of Pennsylvania and South Jersey to be redeemed by the blood of Christ!