Hi BRN Family, Elizabeth here and it’s time for the January Top 5!

#1. Happy New Year! Please know, we are praying for you, ready and willing to help you take your next step toward fruitful and joyful ministry. Maybe you are ready to chart a new course toward greater healthiness? Perhaps you need an evangelism grant for the new year? Or maybe your focus in 2024 is discipleship and leadership development? Whatever your need, our team is here for you!

#2: Speaking of evangelism, now is the time to sign up for the March 18 Advance Evangelism Conference. This conference features keynote speakers, Mark Croston, national director of Black church ministries at Lifeway Christian Resources, and Dr. David Wheeler, professor of evangelism at Liberty University, plus several practical breakout sessions to help you and your church have a stronger evangelistic focus. Members from State Colleges’ Calvary Church and Unity Church of Jesus Christ will lead worship. Sign up today at advancepasj.com.

#3: The ACP (Annual Church Profile) is data used by the BRN to effectively plan events, strategize resources, and evaluate the needs of our churches. Please fill out your ACP data either through this link or in Workspace no later than February 15, 2024. If you need your Workspace ID or Password, just call or text the Hub at (717) 652-5856 or email us at helpdesk@brnunited.org, and we can get that information for you. Thank you!

#4: We are excited to share about a wonderful new opportunity for BRN women. Beginning this month, women leaders are invited to participate in Woven Women’s Leadership Collectives. This is a small group gathering of leaders who discuss, train, and inspire one another in leadership skills and implementation.Topics will focus on basic leadership skills, such as communication, time management, implementation of ideas, and personal disciplines. The collective will connect weekly in groups (5-8 participants with a facilitator) through group text and once a month in person or via zoom for the next 3-4 months. To learn more, visit brnunited.org/women.

#5: On January 16 at 6 p.m., join BRN’s David Ludwig, associate director of church health and discipleship, and Logos National Presenter Jon Haley for a FREE virtual event to see Logos 10 in action. The webinar will take a deep dive into using the Bible Study Platform followed by a Q&A time. Some of the NEW Logos 10 features include an all new Fact Book, several new interactive Bibles, a print book scanner, a sermon importer, and so much more! A special discount will be given to those who want to either upgrade to Logos 10 after the training or get Logos for the first time. Sign up here.

That’s all for January. Thanks for watching, BRN Family. We appreciate you and we are thankful for you!