NEW CASTLE, DE, (BRN) – First Baptist Church of Delaware (FBC) in New Castle, Delaware, opened a thrift shop within its facility two months ago to serve as a spiritual outpost and family need center for the New Castle, Delaware, region. 

Led by Deanna Maas, a former barrister and mom of six, Second Chance Thrift Shop has already seen two of its customers baptized.

Open Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., Second Chance offers clothes, jewelry, toys, home decor, shoes, games and many other items at discounted prices for area residents. 

Items available for sale are provided by FBC members, local residents and even returning customers.

As a result of the thrift shop, local families are discovering the church, giving FBC a new opportunity to love everyone who comes through its doors. 

Recently, a mid-age couple visited the thrift shop with their teens and asked, “If we were ever to attend church here, would we be welcome?” 

A resounding “Yes!” was echoed throughout the store by everyone present.

First Baptist Church of Delaware in New Castle, DE, officially launched Second Chance Thrift Shop two months ago.

With 70% of Americans stating they have no desire to attend church, FBC is opening multiple streams to get the gospel to people who need Jesus.

Along with Second Chance and coming “Connection Cafe” opening next year, FBC launches “Gatherings” – smaller, simpler, spiritual venues off campus to reach those who do not attend church. 

Gatherings reach church dropouts, unchurched couples and singles as well as church attendees who desire smaller church venues.

Last week, at one of FBC’s newest Gatherings, a young couple walked in from a flier the host placed on their door the day before.

During the teaching time, the couple replied, “We think there are many ways to get to God. It doesn’t matter what you call it – everyone gets in.” 

The members each began to share the gospel and the couple at the close of the Gathering shared, “We are coming back next time and bringing our neighbor!”

FBC is also launching a new missional outreach to 18-30 year-olds on August 24. 

FBC Delaware has launched a number of other new outreaches to serve its community along with their new thrift shop.

Designed around the community look, feel and atmosphere of many young adult connecting places, this outdoor ministry includes deep biblical engagement, a pickleball court, a juice bar, high-top tables, worship and much more.

FBC has discovered that it takes multiple streams, built on the gospel and designed for outreach, to impact lostness in our post-Covid culture. 

Second Chance Thrift Shop is just one of dozens of plans being implemented over the next five years. For more information contact