Hello, BRN Family! This is Elizabeth and this is the Top Five for December.

#1: It’s Christmas, which means we are currently observing the Lottie Moon Week of Prayer and Christmas Offering for International Missions. As you pray, please consider giving generously to the offering. One hundred percent of your gifts provide missionaries the services they need to live among the unreached peoples they serve. Learn more at imb.org/generosity.

#2: We are excited to share about two upcoming virtual Winter Book Studies for our BRN women. The first is Christine Hoover’s new book, How to Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife, for pastor’s wives, to begin the week of January 9. The second is Kelly King’s book, Ministry to Women. This will be a 10-session virtual study for all women, beginning Monday, January 16. Want to learn more? Visit brnunited.org/women.

#3: As we draw near to the close of 2022, we wanted to urge churches to submit their Annual Church Profile (ACP), which is an important tool for your church, the BRN and the SBC. I invite you to help us recognize God’s work in PA/SJ. Simply submit your report either to www.sbcworkspace.com or to www.brnunited.org/acp. As always our Help Desk stands ready to assist you.

#4: Pennsylvania/South Jersey churches are invited to the Baptist Resource Network’s second annual Advance Conference on March 20, 2023! This year’s conference will be held at Calvary Church in State College, Pa., with special guest speakers Dr. Nathan Lorick, J.J. Washington and Dr. Anthony Hurst; along with breakout sessions on how to evangelize adults, youth and children, and the broken. It’s a conference for the whole church! Register today or learn more at advancepasj.com!

#5: And finally, as Christmas approaches, we are already asking God to bless your holiday and new year. May you, your families and your churches be surprised by extra measures of God’s goodness this special season. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

That’s it for our December Top 5. Thank you, BRN! We appreciate you and we’re praying for you.