Hello BRN Family. It’s good to be with you today.

We have noticed in 2022 we received more baptism photos and stories than in recent years. We would love to celebrate what God has done all across Pennsylvania and South Jersey by knowing how many people you baptized in 2022.

Can I ask a special favor of you? Could you please let us know how many people you baptized this past calendar year? Simply fill out the quick form at brnunited.org/baptism. Also, we invite you to send us photos this year using the same form. We will include the information in our “This Week in BRN Family” series in BRN United.

Please know, the Baptist Resource Network wants to celebrate what God is doing through you and your church! We have been eagerly praying that all of our BRN churches are successful in pushing back the lostness in Pennsylvania/South Jersey. We want to come alongside you in any way to help you be effective in your mission field.

Please know I am praying for you! Thanks for listening in today and may God bless you!