Hello BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today!

As we draw near to the close of 2021, we wanted to urge churches to submit their Annual Church Profile (ACP), which is an important tool for your church, the BRN and the SBC. It’s like a family portrait or photo album — a yearly snapshot of how God is working in each of our churches.

The annual report captures statistical information, such as the number of baptisms, attendance in worship and small groups, cooperative giving and questions specific to our region.

Per the SBC Constitution, the SBC Credentials Committee uses your reported Undesignated Receipts and Cooperative Program giving each year to determine your church’s messenger eligibility. Your ACP reported membership also determines the number of messengers your church can send to the BRN Annual Business Session. Filling the ACP out keeps the church in good standing with the BRN.

The data collected is used in many ways to measure the health of our congregations, and the effectiveness of the BRN and SBC ministries. The BRN seriously considers each church’s report and adjusts ministry and strategies to better assist our churches. The report also allows us to report the number of Southern Baptists in our region, showcasing our cooperation and effectiveness to a watching world. The data additionally helps churches set their goals and benchmarks when planning their yearly calendars.

I know this all sounds so analytical and corporate. And truthfully, in many ways, it is. But I hope you will hear my heart. We know, based on a conservative national average of 85% lostness and current vital statistics from the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Health, there are 14 million people in our region who do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

As we love our neighbors and as the Lord draws them into salvation and baptism, it is my prayer that we will see that enormous number drastically reduced or even abolished!

We are going to change the scorecard this year. As you submit your reports, we are going to start noting our collective number of baptisms and deduct those numbers from 14 million. At first, it might seem small in the face of an enormous task. But consider what happens when we all do our part. I truly believe we can accelerate Kingdom movement!

I invite you to help us recognize God’s work in PA/SJ. Simply submit your report annually (at the end of their calendar or fiscal budget year) either to www.sbcworkspace.com or to www.brnunited.org/acp. As always our Help Desk stands ready to assist you.

Thanks for listening in today. May God bless you!