First, we are incredibly grateful to the Baptist Resource Network of Pennsylvania/South Jersey (BRN) for the evangelism grant to help fund our Baskets of Hope and Bags of Love outreach initiatives.

By fully utilizing the funds from BRN, we were able to distribute 75 baskets of hope in November and 1000 bags of love at the beginning of February. The grant enabled us to double our ability to bless the community and we are grateful for the BRN’s partnership.

Members of First Baptist Church of New Castle passed out baskets of hope to those unreached in their community.

God has used this outreach to bless many underserved and unreached individuals in our community. The response we have received has been incredible and the buzz it has created has people talking about the love of Jesus. We have received numerous calls and seen visitors come to the church because of these initiatives. Praise God for those that have responded, but we also pray for all the seeds these initiatives have planted in the hearts and minds of so many people in our community.

Our focus will continue to be on reaching the many lost people in our community, and the grant has given us additional momentum behind the initiatives we have already put into place. First Baptist Church of New Castle, Delaware is encouraged by the fruitful relationship with have established in the short time we have been a part of the BRN. We look forward to a continued partnership as we desire to make a huge gospel impact in our region.

Currently, First Baptist Church has several members that come from Salem County, New Jersey every week. Those people are some of our most active and faithful members and we envision a large presence in Salem County, including a gathering and, hopefully, a campus in the near future.  We look forward to partnering with the BRN in future initiatives and will continue to pray for the wonderful work that is being done to reach the desperately lost people in this region.