BARRY WHITWORTH: Hello, BRN Family. It is good to be with you today. With me, I have Robert Kellogg. He is the executive director of WatersEdge Ministries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you’ve heard about WatersEdge, you probably know the name because we have promoted them at our conferences and they’ve been part of a lot of material for our churches. Robert’s just stopping by for a visit here in Pennsylvania/South Jersey to say hello and for us to just have some dialogue about their ministry and how it’s helping Pennsylvania and South Jersey Baptists across our two-state region. So, Robert, tell us just a little bit about WatersEdge.

ROBERT KELLOGG: You bet! Great to be with you. We enjoy the partnership we have with the BRN, the ability to work together to impact the Kingdom, and we’ve been able to do that by focusing on financing for churches–those church ministries that are expanding their mission and their ministries–to be able to provide some financing and on the other end of that, to do some investments of their discretionary funds.

It’s exciting because the investments go into financing and the interest paid on the loans goes back to ministry, so it’s the closest thing you get in the financing world to a win-win and the ability impact the Kingdom. We just love the opportunity to partner with you.

BARRY WHITWORTH: Amen. So if you would have an interest in knowing more about how WatersEdge could help you, personally, because they do help individuals with investments, or  to help your church to maybe get a loan, reach out and contact this website and they’ll get back in touch with you. And if you have any further questions about how you can connect further with WatersEdge, just reach out to the Help Desk at Robert, thanks for visiting with us. You are a treasured partner, and we love WatersEdge.

ROBERT KELLOGG: Our privilege. Thank you very much!

BARRY WHITWORTH: God bless you, Brother!