Hello BRN Family, it’s good to be with you today!

I believe there has never been a better time to be bold… bold in our prayer, bold in our witness, and bold in our belief that God will do great things! Proverbs 28:1 says, “The righteous are bold as lions.” How bold are you these days? I pray you sense the King of the Universe edging you forward, nudging you into greater and greater adventures for His Kingdom.

In the same way, we are trusting God for even greater things through the Baptist Resource Network. Mark your calendars now for Tuesday, October 8, when we will host this year’s Accelerate Conference with the theme, “Bold: Next Level.”

Dr. Larry Anderson, BRN director of church health, and I will seek to boldly proclaim God’s energizing power in our keynote presentations and as we unveil the BRN’s “Next Level Blueprint,” which is designed to encourage and assist BRN churches to move to their next level in ministry.

We also will host 12 one-hour breakout sessions from bold speakers who will challenge BRN churches and pastors to be bold in every aspect of ministry. Members from Fellowship CrossPoint Church in Chesterfield, N.J., will wrap all the sessions with worship, helping us to remember to keep our focus on our mighty God.

ACC24 Slide

This year’s venue will be in a new location: the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel in Grantville, Pa., about 15 minutes east of Harrisburg.

As always, we also will feature an exhibit area. The BRN is pleased to provide high quality sponsor and vendor packages every year. Do you or someone you know want to sponsor or be an exhibitor for the conference? If so, I invite you to contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@brnunited.org to receive our Sponsor/Vendor packet, which details all the many ways we can acknowledge you before our many churches.

Also, some more good news: In spite of the rising costs of inflation, the BRN team has been able to reduce meal costs due to our new location. We hope you will join us!

Be sure to check out our Accelerate Conference website at www.acceleratepasj.com for all the latest details. Registration will open on June 15. I earnestly urge you to pray for this conference. Let’s boldly strive together to accelerate Kingdom movement! Thank you and God bless you!