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Editorial Policy:

The website, BRN United publication, and BRN social media platforms exist to serve the partner churches of the Baptist Resource Network (BRN). The following are the BRN editorial guidelines.

  • The BRN editor shall oversee the publications and communications of the BRN, its work, and the churches it services.
  • News stories that originate from a BRN church can be highlighted and reported on in the BRN’s news communication. The BRN shall make every attempt to highlight the God stories that are taking place in the church, making the church the hero of the story, not the BRN.
  • A partnering church of the BRN shall enable the BRN to post items, such as news articles, photos/graphics, videos, and events, about the church in any BRN publication. A church desiring not to have any news articles, photos, videos, and/or events shared should let the BRN know of such request.
  • It is assumed by the BRN that any church used in editorial function has taken the appropriate consent measures at the church level with respect to those involved in the church event, function, or story.
  • BRN churches and their members/attenders shall be granted permission to share the stories, events, etc. that the BRN shall post. Once the BRN posts an editorial piece it shall be for public usage unless otherwise noted.
  • New stories will be posted in the appropriate resource or servicing category of the website.
  • BRN team members and churches can submit stories, events, and other communication items directly to the communications team for use in publishing. The BRN editor will have editorial discretion over publishing such content. The Director of Communications or Executive Director/Treasurer (EDT) may choose to override any publication that he/she deems inappropriate.
  • The BRN editor and/or Director of Communications reserves the right to edit articles for grammar, length and/or clarity.
  • Approved news stories and events shall be posted on BRN social media platforms.
  • When time and opportunity allow, church job postings and Swap Shop items may be run in BRN publications for partnering churches.
  • The BRN editor and/or Director of Communications reserves the right to include any submitted articles in the BRN United to BRN partner churches.
  • Submitting an article does not guarantee that it will be included on, in the BRN United, or in social media. The BRN editor and/or Director of Communications will inform the submitter if an article will not be broadly distributed.
  • Stories, events, and resources that are highlighted shall be in the spirit of the exempt purpose of why the BRN exists and seek to advance the mission of the BRN.
  • “Featured Articles” are chosen at the discretion of the BRN editor and/or Director of Communications.
  • The BRN shall seek to publish news articles about the BRN and BRN churches in national Baptist news platforms when appropriate.
  • The EDT reserves the right to decline any article or posting for publication in any BRN publication.
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