Someone once told me that there is a difference between counseling and coaching.  They explained that counseling was pouring into someone, while coaching was pulling out of someone what they already know.  At first you may think this book is just for leaders of people. You know, the boss type. Or for someone who wants to begin a career in ‘coaching” other people.  While this is a useful resource for those situations, I have found that it also has rich content for doing exactly what the cover of the book says. ”Powerful leadership skills for solving problems, reaching goals, and developing others”.  What that opening statement doesn’t tell you is how much you will use these skills in leadership as well as in life. As a woman, a wife, mother, volunteer and employee I have often had to solve problems, reach goals and develop others (and if not develop at least influence).

The back cover states that you will learn to:

  • Solve problems without having all the answers
  • Help others take responsibility for themselves
  • Ask powerful questions that stimulate creative thinking
  • Empower others with a less directive style
  • Create laser focus on what’s most important
  • Support others to take forward moving action

As I went through the book for a class, instead of just another course book to get through, this one actually helped me to be able to learn how to break down some of the negative self-talk that was playing in my head and see that I could set my mind on a path that would accomplish more, become less stressed and help me see things in a different angle so that I could understand outcomes better. Yes, first of all, I learned how to use these skills on myself!  I also realized how bad habits of conversation were closing doors in relationships when my heart was to love and help.  Keith Webb gives illustrative examples of conversations using the techniques that he teaches.  He practically gives insights of how not to coach which usually means telling others what you think they should do. His techniques help to contrast the better way to help someone make action plans, follow through and implement what was their idea not yours.

I would recommend this book to anyone who would like better communication with other people.  It can also be helpful to use the skills learned in leading volunteers, work groups, or in any project that has a deadline or specific outcome expected.  Or like me, maybe even help yourself ease into better communication and positive mindset over your own path in life.