BROWNS MILLS, NJ, (BRN) – Coming off of a four-year interim position, Dr. Maurice Mimms offered his pastoral services as pulpit supply to Browns Mills Baptist Church in Browns Mills, New Jersey, per the recommendation of Dr. Christopher Betner, mission pastor at Delval East “The Lighthouse Church” in Willingboro, New Jersey. 

After his third visit to Browns Mills, Mimms felt “a calling from God” to stay and shepherd the Browns Mills church body and community. 

As of May 2023, Rev. Mimms has been serving as the senior pastor of Browns Mills Baptist Church.  

In following God’s call, Mimms and his wife, Pamela, who have been married for 25 years, moved from costal Belmar Beach, New Jersey, to inland Browns Mills, putting Mimms closer to the city of his favorite sports team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In Belmar Beach, Mimms served as the Interim Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. 

Dr. Maurice Mimms officially started serving as the senior pastor at Browns Mills Baptist Church in May 2023.

Along with this new pastoral transition, Maurice and Pamela recently became the parents of two college graduates as they have two children together, both of whom recently graduated with their bachelor’s degrees. 

As he moves into a more permanent shepherding role, Mimms hopes to secure “internal stability” within the Browns Mills church body and then extend that stability to the external community.  

“My passion is ensuring internal stability among members of the church, which translates to a consistent message when conducting external ministry,” said Mimms. 

“We will initially ‘pray without ceasing’ for each other, while listening to each other’s needs. Once God has stabilized the church, we will re-engage the community.” 

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Mimms and his family to the BRN family as well as praying for them as they answer the call God has placed on their hearts. 

Ways to Pray for Dr. Mimms and his family: 
  • Pray for fulfilling and sustaining careers for Maurice and Pamela’s children 
  • Pray for Pamela’s health 
  • Pray for wisdom and strength as Rev. Mimms shepherds the Browns Mills church family 
  • Pray for opportunities for the church to re-engage with the Browns Mills community