The Fraleys, and their three children, were former church planters and pastors in the Baptist Resource Network of PA/South Jersey for a decade. The last 15 years, they have lived in various countries in Asia with the IMB.

South Asia has over 80% of our IMB church starts throughout the world, and the most unreached people groups in all the world. With all the progress in South Asia, more people die each day and twice as many are born than are becoming followers.

Currently, all of these countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and the Maldives are on lockdown along with the rest of the world. People are scared and searching for answers.

However, lockdown in these countries means that many of their people who are day laborers are starving. They will die from not having the means to support their families.

Another big concern is the slums. People living in close quarters with no way of social distancing and little access to clean water or food is tragic in a pandemic.

The church has stepped up to minister through providing food and needed supplies. For many, this will be an open door for the gospel to reach new areas and people groups that have not had access to hear about Jesus before.

Our missionaries have been connecting in many new formats with people via social media. They are disciplining, encouraging and entering new areas to reach the unreached who now have time to listen.

For many of these people groups, Ramadan is being observed during lockdown. We are praying for people to hear the gospel while they are more open to spiritual things and asking deep questions about life.

Rick and Nancy have been able to come alongside many of those serving throughout S. Asia to encourage them during this hard time and pray for the many ministries that they are involved in seeing the harvest come to South Asia. Will you partner with them to reach the vision of No Place Left where the gospel has not been preached?