On December 21, Iglesia Biblica la Verdad in Woodbury Heights, N.J., prepared a special Christmas Dinner and Program, inviting people in our community. We have been developing relationships with families in the community throughout the year. We’ve visited them and helped them with various needs, and we wanted an opportunity to invite them to the dinner so they would get the chance to know us better,

We had about 35 people, including two new families and two young men. We also had some friends from a local church helping us with all the preparation and setting.

We started with a time of welcome, then we had our dinner and then some special games for adult and children. We also provided every attendant with invitations to our church and a New Testament Bible. After the dinner, I presented the gospel message using a sketch board and paint. People responded to the message, and I was able to have follow-up conversations with some of the people who attended.

We also used the opportunity to present our plans to start a Kids Bible Club each Saturday afternoon, starting in the spring. People loved the presentation and showed interest in having their children participate. We obtained their contact information to do a follow up.