I have to admit that when I first began to listen to the audio version of Beth Moore’s new book, I was merely curious.  I thought that she would talk more about the ups and downs of ministry life.  From some of the reviews I had read, I believed that she would give a greater insight into the abuse of the position that she held and the public spotlight that afforded her much criticism over her lifetime of ministry.  Instead of a memoir about ministry, I found her story to be just that, her story.

The book reminded me that each of us has a story. Often people will “read” us by what we share and, more importantly, by how we live right now.  What is not often understood is that our story and how it plays a part in God’s story is richer and deeper than what people know. By hearing Beth Moore’s candid and often eye-opening account of her story, I was reminded that judging someone only by what you have assessed from either hearsay or occasional interaction brings you to a distorted view of that person.  As I learned a little more about the situations in her life that she felt free enough to share in this book, I realized that I should be more compassionate to others around me. She says in her book, “Jesus is the only outsider who truly knows the insider our skin keeps veiled.” We do not know the fears, lies and hidden trauma anyone has unless they are able to share.  Those of us who have lived with any of these things will not share them if we do not think we can trust that someone cares beyond social graces.  What is needed is someone who has God’s grace in their attitude towards others.  I was reminded of this fact as I heard Beth’s story unfold.

This book can easily be read and judged based upon a bias either towards or against Beth Moore’s ministry. Or it can be read with the understanding that only God knows all the knots that have been tied to help us hang on to Him in the journey. As you read, reflect upon your journey and how God has guided and led you through some tough parts in your story.  Hearing someone else share their story, we can also be encouraged that Jesus can deliver and free the knots so faithful service to Him is possible.