Hello, BRN Family. Elizabeth here!

Now that VBS season is upon us and is fresh on our minds, I have a special request to share with you. The Baptist Resource Network is actively searching for VBS team members to serve as trainers for next year’s VBS.

Perhaps you have years of experience in leading a certain area in VBS, such as leading worship or decorating. Maybe God has given you a special gift of teaching or preparing food!

Would you be willing to share your giftedness?

Specifically, the BRN training will focus on the following areas: serving as VBS Director, teaching Bible lessons from Preschool to Adult groups, Missions, Crafts, Worship & Music, Recreation, Decorations, Snacks, Evangelism & Follow up, as well as alternative ways to host VBS.

What pieces of valuable advice could you share with volunteers from other churches to help them be successful and more efficient? How can you inspire others to pull off a successful VBS experience in their church?

We trust God will tug on the hearts of potential team trainers, those who are bubbling over with ideas and strategies that they can’t wait to share!

If that is you, you would:

  • Attend a training with other volunteers for the BRN training team in early-mid February, which may be either in-person or virtual;
  • Lead a breakout session during the training, which would be held in March or April 2022 at the BRN’s Hub in Harrisburg;
  • Possibly lead a breakout session at a regional training, should additional trainings be required.

Would you prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to this vital ministry? If He is, simply let me know by contacting the Helpdesk at helpdesk@brnunited.org. Thank you! As always, know we appreciate you and are praying for you.