Emilee Carpenter is a New York-based photographer, blogger, and owner of Emilee Carpenter Photography. Emilee creates custom photography to promote messages consistent with her Christian convictions, including through wedding photography. As a Christian, Emilee does not create photographs, write blogs, or participate in events that contradict her beliefs, such as content promoting events with irreverent themes, supporting racism, or celebrating marriages between anyone other than one man and one woman.

But New York state’s laws force Emilee to choose between creating photographs and website content celebrating same-sex weddings and closing her wedding business altogether. One of the laws also forbids Emilee and her business from publicly explaining on her studio’s website or social media her religious reasons for only celebrating wedding ceremonies between one man and one woman.

Penalties for violating the laws include fines of up to $100,000, a revoked business license, and up to a year in jail. Emilee chose to challenge the laws to ensure that she could operate her business and promote messages and participate in events consistent with her beliefs.

Emilee serves all people; she just doesn’t promote all messages. Creative professionals like Emilee should be free to create art consistent with their convictions without the threat of government punishment. Free speech is for everyone, not just those who agree with the government, which is why Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on Emilee’s behalf.

Here is how you can pray for Emilee’s case and for free speech:


Pray for Emilee to receive grace and strength to continue to stand despite the threats to her livelihood (Ephesians 6:19-20).


Pray that the U.S. Western District Court of New York will rule that Emilee is free to choose the messages she promotes in her business.


Pray Americans recognize that all our fundamental freedoms are at risk if the government can compel individuals to express messages contrary to their beliefs.


Pray for courage to arise in a great number of Christians to unashamedly exemplify the Gospel in the public square despite the potential consequences.

What is a Generational Win?

Each generation has the responsibility to protect the freedoms of the next. That is why ADF focuses on generational wins. These victories change the law and culture of the nation and are sustained by deliberate action so that the victory endures for future generations.

  • Life is safeguarded
  • Religious Freedom prevails
  • All can Speak Freely
  • Marriage and Family are protected
  • Parental Rights are guaranteed