The Baptist Resource Network (BRN) has received a “Thank you” video from Pastor Victor in Zaporizhzhia, Eastern Ukraine, who received and is distributing the winter relief items BRN churches collected late last year.

Nearly half a truckload of winter scarves, hats, gloves, blankets, and more were generously donated and sent to this church located on the front lines of the conflict, where the young pastor and his wife Nastya and their three children, the youngest who is under 12 months old, opted to stay after the war erupted.

This led to several of their church members also choosing to stay and serve. They say a revival has broke out in the area.

Here is the English translation of his remarks:

“Dear brothers and sisters from the Baptist Union [Baptist Resource Network] of the USA, we are very grateful for the aid you collected and sent to us. All these things will be sorted by sizes and sent to various villages and will be given to those who are in need. We will deliver this humanitarian aids to those people who really go through very difficult life situations. May God bless you and thank you again for your generosity and that you could gather all this and send it to us. Many blessings.”

The Baptist Resource Network wishes to extend a special thank you to Dale and Whit Eberhardt of Voices of Ukraine, who helped make this happen.