WILKES-BARRE, Pa., (BRN) – Have you been blessed by an answered prayer?  

The Baptist Resource Network (BRN) team fasts and prays once a month for various things. Earlier in the year, the BRN team specifically prayed for our churches and the partnerships they have as well as new partnerships they would develop in the coming months.  

Additionally, we prayed specifically for the partners we have as a network and for new ones to develop this year.  

My heart specifically prayed for help to encourage and support our PW’s (pastor and planter wives.) The very next day, I received a call from the woman in charge of women’s and pastor wives’ ministry in South Carolina, Melanie Ratliff.  

She told me that this year her team was looking to come and serve in the Northeast and wanted to know if I could use them to come and be a blessing to Pennsylvania/South Jersey pastor’s and planter wives! I literally cried at God’s timing.   

Melanie Ratliff and her mission team of seven ladies spent two days pouring into pastor’s and planter wives in the Pennsylvania/South Jersey region.

This week, Melanie and her team of seven arrived in Northeast Pennsylvania, where they served and blessed pastor’s wives in the area. We had a great time meeting and encouraging Doreen at Wyndham Summit Church and Jeanette at Harvest House Community.  

God is working in their midst, and it was amazing to hear about their mission fields and pray for them. Of course, sharing a meal is always a great time of fellowship!

Near the Wilkes-Barre area, a dinner was hosted that evening by the mission team that seven other PW’s were able to attend. The team blessed all the women with gift bags and shared encouragement. During dinner, they lent listening ears and cultivated a large table of laughter, energy and food.  

The mission team spent time listening and sharing encouragement with the PW’s in PA/SJ over dinner.

Surveying the church areas, prayer walking a community where one of the churches will begin a new preschool this fall and a conference for women at Plaid Community Church were also a part of the trip.  

All of this was done in two days! The South Carolina mission team then continued their trip, serving and blessing women in a church near New York City before returning home.  

Thank you, SC Baptists, for supporting and blessing us with your love through this wonderful team. This team of women have been such a wonderful picture of the body of Christ and a tremendous blessing to help us connect and pray for others as we serve our communities and show love to Pennsylvania/South Jersey.