Speaking of the racial unrest across the U.S., K. Marshal Williams, pastor of Nazarene Baptist Church in Philadelphia, shared via Facebook Live, “It is imperative on the church today, especially cooperatively… all ethnicities and especially our brethren of the lightest hue” to speak against laws that contribute to institutional and systemic racism.

To that end, he said he has sought to “build relationships primarily as a Kingdom citizen,” represent himself as an “ambassador of the Almighty,” and start every conversation with scripture.

Williams’ comments came during “A 60 Minute Conversation on Race in America,” a panel discussion hosted online on June 17 by Ronnie Floyd, president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee, who brought together five African American Southern Baptist pastors and leaders. Along with Williams, panelists included Rolland Slade, senior pastor of Meridian Baptist Church of El Cajon, Calif., and newly elected chairman of the SBC Executive Committee; Charlie Dates, pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago; Kevin Smith, executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware; and Willie McLaurin, vice president of Great Commission relations and mobilization of the SBC EC.

“Without strict adherence and obedience to the Great Commandment, we do not have a mission,” said Williams. “This is spiritual warfare. Unless hearts change, nothing will change in America.” 

He urged listeners to be “persistent, passionate and prevailing” prayer, plans and processes. “If truth be told, this is just dress rehearsal for when we get around the throne.”

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