FREDERICKSBURG, Pa., (BRN) – The members of Fredericksburg Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, would like to first thank the Baptist Resource Network (BRN) for its partnership in our first annual Easter Fun Day. The goal of the program was to introduce our church to the community through the events of Easter. 

One of the most exciting things that happened during this event was that every member of the church except two showed up to volunteer for this event. From my perspective, the adult members of the church seemed to get just as much out of the event as the children who attended. This was the first time I really saw the church alive with an attitude of evangelism and love for the community. 

Members of Fredericksburg Baptist Church worked together to bless their community with an Easter Fun Day.

The event consisted of crafts, music, outdoor games, snacks and, of course, an Easter egg hunt. The ages of those participating ranged from four-years-old to 11-years-old. Door prizes and egg hunt prizes were handed out as well.

The only disappointment was that we thought we had scheduled the event absent of other competing events, however, there were two other events that took place at the exact same time. Even though we were in competition for attendees, the event was still a success and we had 18 kids participate. 

This event was well advertised throughout the community. We advertised via Facebook, at a local elementary school, with sidewalk signs, flyers at prominent locations and the the church website. One of the positive outcomes was we had eight new families visit our website where they were able to register for the event as well as access information about our church.

During our Christmas Mitten Tree event, we failed to register each of the participants. At this event, we were able to register each child and thereby collect their names, their parents’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. A follow-up letter and information about the church is being sent to each participant/family. 

The gospel message was shared through the arts and crafts session, which every child participated in. The event lasted from 1:30-4:00 p.m. Even though the event turned out to be successful, we have yet to have any respond to any personal invites. 

I am asking for the BRN to continue to pray for us, as it is our goal to fill the church again with the voices of children. We are ready to serve the children when God opens the door to their coming.