ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (BRN) – I’m sure you have been watching the coverage of Hurricane Ian as it has impacted Florida.  Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is already mobilizing mass feeding assets with the idea that the first meal is supper on Monday.  As I’m writing this, St. Augustine, Florida, is still being pummeled.  So what are we doing at this time?

As is standard practice, the closest states respond first.  Since most of the other larger state conventions are not being affected, they are first in. So, it looks like the first wave of feeding is being covered in Florida.  I am holding Baptist Resource Network (BRN) Disaster Relief to be first-in for South Carolina if our help is needed there.  It looks entirely possible that all of South Carolina will have some effect from Ian, especially coastal flooding.  We do not know what the largest needs will be yet, or where, but both South Carolina and Florida are still possibilities.

This is not yet an ALERT, but know that we are getting our tools as ready as we can right now.  I’m asking our Pennsylvania/South Jersey churches to pray for all those in the path of the storm, but also to pray about their availability in the near future.  Anyone interested in serving with the BRN Disaster Relief Team is asked to contact PA/SJ Director of Disaster Relief Kenton Hunt at

Learn more about Disaster Relief and how you can get involved on the BRN’s Disaster and Crisis Relief webpage.