Hello, BRN Family! It is good to be with you today!

Barry Whitworth: I wanted to introduce you to Frank Nuckolls, associational mission strategist for the Flint River Baptist Association in South Georgia. He was with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board for over 28 years and has consistently built solid, Gospel partnerships, including one now in South Central Pennsylvania.

Barry Whitworth: Frank, thank you so much for caring for our region and for being willing to bring mission teams to our area. I understand you are now on a Vision Tour, meeting with various churches and church plants to see how you can grow our partnership.

Frank Nuckolls: Sure, thank you, Barry for asking that question. During our vision team tour this week, I’ve discovered lots of prayer needs for the pastors, church planters, and churches in this part of Pennsylvania. So, praying for your ministry here and the churches is very important. I feel like the pastors here seem to be needing prayer. They are isolated somewhat but praying together with them is very important. I also believe that we could engage in missions: to come, to bring mission teams, to help them do community exegesis, to do prayer walking, to engage in missional activities to help advance the gospel and reach the lost here in this part of Pennsylvania. We can also get involved in evangelism: helping to do evangelism projects with churches and church plants to lay the groundwork for the gospel being advanced there. We could also bring in teams to help do some construction work. I’ve noticed some churches here that shared with us some construction needs, just light construction needs to bring in teams to help do that. I also sense the need for engaging some of our women in missions here to come and help pastors’ wives, to help engage those churches, and reaching people. So I see a lot of great needs here that we can meet. So I’m praying we go back to our part of Georgia and engage teams to come here from Flint River to advance the gospel here in this part of Pennsylvania.

Barry Whitworth: Well, Frank, I want to say to you, I’ve known you for a long time, and I want to thank you for bringing a group of pastors here to ask the question, how can we help you in your attempt to reach the lost here in Pennsylvania/South Jersey? So, first of all, thank you. And I also want to ask you: how can we pray for you and your team and the work that you do?

Frank Nuckolls: As you pray for us, pray for our church has to get on to get focused on missions, to understand that we can become an Acts 1:8 association to do missions locally and globally. Pray for our association right now because in January we had five tornadoes come through our city of Griffin, Georgia, and our churches are now working with families to rebuild homes and rebuild lives. A lot of needs are there, physically and spiritually, but also pray that our churches can really capture the need to share the gospel locally and globally because we need to make sure these latter days that the gospel is advanced. We have a lot of churches that are small, small membership churches that are struggling, and just need to be prayed for and revitalized, so pray for that.

Barry Whitworth: Well, let me pray for you now. Can I do that? Father, I just want to thank You for Flint River Association and this dear brother, Frank Nucholls. We thank You for his heart and their heart to be on mission for You and Lord, I know his heart and the heart of the pastors that I met this week from Flint River, is that, Lord, that they could come and do whatever they can do to help change the scorecard of lostness here in south central Pennsylvania. And I pray, Lord, as they’re willing to do that and they come, I pray Lord, it’ll create a deeper hunger within their own area to not only reach where they are, but to reach the nations for Christ. So, Lord, I pray that You’ll bless this partnership as we move ahead, and I pray, Lord, that You will just, by Your Divine power, intersect churches with churches so that, Lord, we can be about your business elevating Jesus as our King and seeing You work throughout South Central Pennsylvania. So, Lord bless my brother. Bless his leadership. Bless this Association, and we’re grateful for the partnership that they’re willing to give to us here in South Central Pennsylvania. And I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you, brother. God bless you, and thanks for being with us these last couple of days.