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The Ministry Fund Quarterly Performance Summary

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What is The Ministry Fund?

In short, it is Christian Institutional Fund Management.

The Ministry Fund is a professionally managed and morally screened investment fund designed specifically for long-term ministry dollars. It is strategically structured to provide reliable income for ministry, grow the investment to offset inflation, and remain true to Christian principles.

The Ministry Fund is committed to managing funds from a perspective of faithful stewarding. In addition to institutional class management and moral screens, The Ministry Fund also seeks to provide appropriate diversification through an array of asset classes. The portfolio of The Ministry Fund has a target investment allocation that includes 7 different asset classes among a variety of different investment managers.

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The investment philosophy of The Ministry Fund is to provide Christian ministries an institutionally managed, biblically screened investment portfolio that provides consistent income, offsets the negative impact of inflation, and manages market volatility through appropriate diversification. The investment objective of The Ministry Fund is to provide an average return of 7.5% over a full market cycle (5-7 years). This objective enables the portfolio to pay out approximately 5% annually and retain 2.5% in the portfolio to offset inflation.

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Download March 31, 2002, Quarterly Performance Summary

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