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Home Fire Campaign

The American Red Cross’ “Home Fire Campaign” aims to reduce fire-related deaths and injuries in the US by 25%. So far, the campaign’s accomplishments include saving over 700 lives, installing over 2,000,000 smoke alarms in homes, and teaching 1.5 million youth the importance of fire safety awareness.

The “Home Fire Campaign” proposes 5 methods in which concerned citizens can become involved in the process. This entails preparing one’s own home appropriately, aiding in fire safety classroom teaching, volunteering to help others, donating to the campaign, and installing free fire alarms throughout one’s own neighborhood.

The main page for the “Home Fire Campaign” includes links to pursue each of these options, as well as a comprehensive list of fire safety-related resources (all free to access). This service is a great opportunity for missional engagement, allowing countless interactions where volunteers can both share the gospel and help those in need in their community.

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