In a society where gender issues run rampant and the Church senses the ever-growing lostness of the world, the need for Christians to be knees (prayer closets) and boots (action on the ground) is urgent. Scripture is clear on the sinfulness of the LGBTQ+ lifestyles, but this mission field that often feels foreign or frightening can sometimes leave us with questions on how to evangelize with compassion. Christian hip-hop artist and author Jackie Hill Perry gives us a firsthand view of what it means to be gay and then redeemed by the love of Christ. Her story is a testimony to God’s beautiful plan for each of our lives.

Ms. Perry’s is not the only story of deliverance from homosexuality available to us. At BRN’s 2022 Accelerate Conference, Pastor Hal Selby shared his personal journey as a man who was delivered from same sex attraction. He and his wife, Lisa, now lead Refuge 461 Ministries, which the Lord birthed in their hearts. Pastor Hal and Lisa work with those caught in homosexuality as well as the families of loved ones who are struggling, leading them toward the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Hal’s message to believers is this: “Lead with grace and Truth. Grace alone condones; Truth alone condemns. It takes both.”

If you have struggled with starting these difficult conversations, we encourage you to read Ms. Perry’s book and visit for more about Hal and Lisa Selby’s ministries.