My daughter brought this book home from Bible Club at school. The author’s grandson is in school with my twins. So, after it sat on my reading list for quite some time, I was excited to read it.

In this faith-filled memoir, Mark Geppert recounts his many incredible and miraculous experiences during his various missionary journeys to Southeast Asia and South America. He has seen the type of miracles we only dream of in the United States. He shares memories of the powerful ways the hand of God has moved, and how he has been delivered from many risky situations and protected during multiple arrests.

Geppert recalls his experience from inside a police station in Aceh, Indonesia in March 1999 when a riot quickly turned into an international incident. While trapped, he was prepared to be martyred, but God chose to spare his life and the lives of his team members as well. This inspirational memoir is one I’ll be adding to my personal library.