Hello, BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today.

Our hearts are gripped with the painful atrocities happening in Ukraine. It is so difficult to watch the news and to feel helpless over the situation. But we aren’t helpless! There are some things you and your church could do to help.

As you know, our partner Send Relief is currently working with local Baptist partners in Ukraine and surrounding countries to respond to the crisis by ministering to internally displaced populations. They are providing emergency food relief, shelter and clothing, and offering transportation to displaced families. Your financial support of Send Relief goes a long way in reaching these refugees.

The Baptist Resource Network is also partnering with First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Philadelphia, who has produced an Amazon list of medical supplies that you may purchase to be given to troops who are serving in the country. That list is found at 1stuebc.org/helpukraine.

We are also partnering with First Ukrainian to prepare for families who may relocate to our region. In anticipation of their needs, we propose that churches collect supplies to assist them. We are currently working on collection sites and will post those details on brnunited.org/ukraine.

What kinds of supplies?

We’d love to gather BACKPACKS for Ukrainian children, filled with items of comfort for them (coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, socks, toothpaste, snacks, etc.). Maybe your neighbors would like to provide supplies, too?

We’d also like to collect TUBS OF LOVE, plastic bins filled with bath towels, soaps and other toiletries to aid refugees as they seek new places to live. Maybe your small group can work together to fill a few tubs?

And as always, GIFT CARDS are always a welcome gift to those who are struggling while in transition.

More recently, we have become aware of a dire need for medical equipment, including WOUND VACUUM MACHINES to treat those who have been injured as a result of the war. These machines cost about $2,000. Perhaps your church would like to rally together to raise enough support for one or two of these life-giving machines?

More than anything other gift you could provide, I urge you to pray for Ukraine and all those affected by this war. In the spirit of loving our neighbors both near and far, let’s ask God to move among the people, pour out His healing power and demolish the evil. He is able!

Thank you for being willing to make a difference. Stay tuned to brnunited.org/ukraine for our periodic updates. Thank you and God bless you!


Editors’ Note: Churches may download the following bulletin inserts (2 per page) to promote these initiative in their churches at www.brnunited.org/ukraine: