Hello, BRN family, it’s good to be with you today. I’m taking a break from the series I’ve been doing, “Resurfacing from the Pandemic.” We will get back to that next week. I wanted to share about a meeting that I was involved in recently with a bunch of pastors that we call “Multiplying Church Centers.” Back in 2009, we brought together a bunch of pastors and began to meet to ask the question, “How can we plant more churches?”

And as time went on, we were able to plant more churches but we realized now in 2021 we’re confronted with a lot of different things and challenges that we’re facing in our world today. There have been people over time that have asked the question, “So what is a healthy multiplying church?” because that is the vision of the BRN: every church becoming a healthy multiplying church. And we said, “Well, we would define a healthy multiplying church being this: it’s a church that reproduces new disciples, new leaders, new ministries, and ultimately, new churches.”

You see, you can’t plant new churches without new disciples, and new leaders certainly, so when we gathered together a couple of days ago, I shared with the men that were in that room, that this is what we are going to be focusing on moving forward. Our desire, as we look at the churches within the BRN, understanding that they’re at a different stage of where they are in their health, some are in the position of needing to restart, some are needing to be revitalized. Some are in a place to where they are reproducing. Some disciples and perhaps leaders and some are doing things very well that they’re actually reinvesting back into the Kingdom. Our desire is to come alongside of churches first and foremost to help every church get to the place where they can reproduce and reinvest and ultimately become so healthy that they multiply new disciples, leaders, ministries and new churches.

So, I want to just reach out to you today and say when you hear about us talking about multiplying church, that’s what it looks like and our desire at the BRN through our team is to help take you from whatever stage of health that you’re in and move you closer to where your church is doing everything it can to reinvest in the Kingdom of God. So, I’m going to say to you, Pastor, if you’re listening in or whoever you are out there who is a part of a church family, if you would like to know how you can position your church to get to a place to become healthier and so healthy that it’s actually reinvesting in the Kingdom by reproducing and multiplying disciples leaders, new ministries and ultimately new churches: Would you reach out to me and just let me know that you’re interested?

I would love to know how you would want to be a part of this because we want to see … it’s my vision within the next five years at least 60 churches (maybe 70) that would be so focused on this, that they’re actually getting to the place that they’re multiplying. They’re multiplying the new disciples, new leaders, new ministries and new churches. Because if we do that, we will fulfill our mission. We will see acceleration across our two-state area. There will be movement, and God will be changing the lives of people throughout our neighborhoods, our towns, and our cities for his glory. So thanks for listening in and allowing me to share what we’re up to whenever you hear “Multiplying Church,” “Multiplying Church Center” or even our little tagline “MC2.” Thanks for listening. God bless you.