Hello, BRN Family! This is Elizabeth and this is the Top Five for October.

#1: Sunday, Oct. 4 is Send Relief Sunday, organized to help churches serve their communities. Accordingly, the Pittsburgh Send Relief Center seeks socks for men (preferably sizes 10-12) and women (sizes 9-11) for their community outreach. Churches and/or individuals can send the socks directly to 213 Bailey Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211. Thank you!

#2: It’s ACP time! You are invited to start filling out this year’s Annual Church Profile and BRN Supplemental Survey. This year’s Supplemental Survey includes questions related to COVID-19 and more. To make answering all these questions easier, we have combined the ACP Survey and the Supplemental Survey together in one SurveyMonkey survey. Simply visit the link below. Thank you!

#3: Instead of our annual gathering and business session, which has been canceled due to COVID-19, the BRN will host a virtual mini-conference on Thursday, November 5, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. The virtual conference will feature keynote speakers Jeff Christopherson and Barry Whitworth, and eight breakout sessions on topics related to the theme, “Kingdom Vision.” Register at the link below.

#4: October is Cooperative Program Month. The Southern Baptist Convention is a collection of like-minded churches working in cooperation with one another to impact the whole world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Cooperative Program, the SBC’s unified plan of giving, fuels this mission. Just think: your regular giving touches Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the whole world. Thank you!

#5: Speaking of giving, we want to thank the churches who participated in the 2020 Week of Prayer and Offering for State Missions. Your prayers and your offerings collectively help BRN churches to reach the 14 million people across PA/SJ who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus. It’s not too late to give! You can give online or through GoFundMe or Facebook today. Learn more at brnunited.org/offering.

That’s it for our October Top 5. Thank you, BRN! We appreciate you and we’re praying for you.