Hello, BRN Family. It’s good to be with you today.

This weekend is a special weekend in the life of America. It’s a weekend that we remember those who fought and died for the freedoms that we cherish most in the United States of America. I want to encourage you this weekend to reflect on those who gave so much so that we can have what we have today.

If you think about it, Memorial Day is also a reflection of the Gospel. Jesus came, He lived and He died for us so that we might have freedom, we might have liberty from our sins. He paid it all so that we could have it all — an eternal relationship with him. So, this weekend, as you go to celebrate Christ at your church, may you also take the time to think about those who here on the earth gave a lot so that we can have the freedom that we have today.

And I also want to say: it’s kind of the start to the summer season. So, my hope is this summer season as compared to last summer season that you and your family will have some special times together, loving on each other, loving on your neighbors, loving on your friends, loving on your family. And during that time, you’ll just be refreshed and be encouraged so that we can continue the mission that the Lord has us on a reaching 14 million lost people across Pennsylvania, South Jersey. So have a great summer and have a great weekend remembering and celebrating. Thank you for listening. God bless you.