Anthony Alston accepted Christ through the street preaching ministry of Pastor Joseph Randall of Olney Baptist Church. Here he shares is powerful testimony of spiritual transformation.

I grew up going to church because I followed the example of my aunt and grandmother. They knew the Lord and loved the Lord and went to church. But I just went because they did, and I wanted to be like them, but I didn’t know the Lord. I wasn’t thinking about Jesus Christ and God. I was just thinking He was for them. I didn’t think He was for me. I didn’t know Jesus. I got baptized later in life because I didn’t want to go to hell, but my life didn’t change, and I kept sinning. I still didn’t know God. I didn’t know anything about repentance. I thought I was saved, but I wasn’t. I thought I could do anything I wanted – keep sinning – keep watching adult movies – keep lusting – and I thought I would go to heaven. But I was wrong. I was on my way to hell. My church didn’t teach me about repentance – about turning from my sin.

I began to be convicted about my sin, and I wanted my life to change. One day I heard preaching at Broad and Olney. The preacher was going over the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was asked, “If I died tonight, why should God let me into His heaven?” I didn’t know the answer. But I was told Jesus Christ died and the Father raised Him up after three days, and I must repent of my sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He has room for all of us if we repent and believe in Him. This sounded right to me, and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to find a church where I could learn the Bible. I started coming to Olney Baptist Church. I repented of my sins and trusted in Jesus Christ. I love Him, and I want to follow Him. I can’t do anything without Jesus. He is the reason why I’m still here today.

Watch baptism video below.