Hello BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today!

Many of you are aware of our new initiative, #LovePASJ, which seeks to help churches love their local neighbors. We love how God is energizing our hearts to impact our communities like never before.

But we also remain committed to loving our neighbors in faraway places, too.

As you know, this is the time of year when churches focus on raising support for the missionaries out on the international mission field through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

IMB’s explicit mission is to serve Southern Baptists in carrying out the Great Commission to make disciples of ALL NATIONS. As Dr. Paul Chitwoood, IMB’s president, says, “Our work together is not finished. We have to get to every nation, every tribe, every people. We must share His gospel in every language.”

According to IMB, every day, more than 155,000 enter eternity with no hope. Every week, more than 1 million die lost. Moreover, there are over 7,000  unreached people groups and 4.5 BILLION unreached people. That’s 58% of our current population!

In addition, three are 180 million people without access to any Scripture in their heart language, and another 1.5 billion do not have a full Bible, but only portions in their first language.

“And we are still here. Still able to go to them,” Dr. Chitwood says. We are “still able to share with them the most important news in all the world, the most important message they will ever hear. We can still offer help and hope.”

We urge you to partner with the IMB in the following ways:

— by praying for our international missionaries,
— by going or sending others to the mission field — opportunities range from short-term trips to fully-funded, long-term opportunities, or
— by giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.100% of your gifts to the Lottie Moon Offering funds missionaries and ministry work overseas.

We know the task is great! But we also know we have a GREAT GOD who will lead us. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for loving our neighbors, both near and far! To learn more, visit online at www.imb.org/generosity.

Thanks for listening in today. May God bless you!