SUNBURY, Pa., (BRN) – Summer is a perfect time to meet and care for neighbors. For the last seven years, Sunbury City Church has sought to host neighborhood picnics where we invite not only neighbors, but also friends and family, to enjoy an evening together filled with good food and great conversation.

Our desire is to form deeper bonds and then take steps of faith to engage in gospel conversation. This summer has already proved fruitful. Through the month of June, as a church, we’ve hosted three different neighborhood events, with more on the way.

During one of these events we met a gal named Bridget, who just returned to the area after living out of state for years. Getting to know Bridget and her story was a treat, especially when a few days after our picnic one of our members ran into Bridget on a walking trail.

After striking up a conversation, it quickly turned to spiritual matters where Bridget shared parts of her Catholic background and her desire to re-engage spiritually. This conversation ended with Bridget agreeing to meet and have a discussion on the Bible and the gospel.

Thank you Baptist Resource Network (BRN) for providing the resources necessary for us to have opportunities to get into deeper spiritual conversations like these. Please pray for Bridget and others we have the opportunity to share the gospel with.