DEPTFORD, NJ, (BRN) – Throughout the summer, Legacy 242 in Deptford, New Jersey, has been utilizing Baptist Resource Network (BRN) evangelism grant funds to host neighborhood BBQ’s.

First we made some flyer invites, and then the week before we sent teams into the neighborhoods to prayer walk and deliver invites. This, in and of itself, presented a few ministry opportunities for conversation and prayer.

When time came for the BBQs, we set up music, cornhole, food and drinks. As people came we engaged conversations and built relationships with neighbors.

One BBQ was held in Bellmawr, out front of the home of one of our MC’s. Another BBQ was held out front of the home where another of our MC’s meets in Deptford. The third BBQ was held in the parking lot of the new building we’re meeting in for our Sunday Worship Gatherings.

Our first BBQ in Bellmawr on May 17 saw about 50 people. About 30 attended the BBQ in Pitman on June 2, and, lastly, on June 7 about 45 people attended in Deptford.

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