Grace & Peace BRN Pastors and Next Gen CoLABORERS

May 1, is National College Decision Day!

As your young people begin to make plans on how to take the next steps in their journey as Kingdom-focused young adults, your BRN Next team of collegiate missionaries is gearing up to take the NEXT STEP in preparing to  flesh out our commitment to our churches’ NEXT Gen and our connection to each young person planning to attend college.  To that end, each year in conjunction with National College Decision Day, we ask each of our partnering churches to complete the NEXT Gen NEXT STEPS Survey.  When you complete this survey, you help our state convention’s team of self-funded collegiate missionaries serving universities across PA and NJ to identify what our young people are planning to do as they finish high school in the following ways:

  1. You help our team identify what their plans are (enter the work force [entrepreneurial endeavors, military service, Peace Corps etc], undertake vo-tech training, enroll in 2/4 year colleges, etc) and which colleges they are planning to attend.
  2. You help our team specifically identify and commend faith communities and faith-based student organizations which can help them continue to grow in Christ on or near those academic institutions
  3. You help our team better serve the congregations of our BRN concerning the needs of the Next Gen in  PA/SJ as we continue to study Gen Z.

This survey will go live on May 1,  4:30 p.m. and will conclude on May 27, 4:30 p.m.  If you have questions concerning the survey or would like to speak directly with someone concerning clarification on how to answer a specific aspect of the survey, please email

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