PETROLIA, Pa., (BRN) – To say that our members at Harvest Community Church – Petroleum Valley Campus were apprehensive towards doing a spring Easter egg hunt, would have been an understatement.

Last year, we served this community one evening during Vacation Bible School and only had two participants from the community attend. That experience colored the build up for the Easter egg hunt we hosted this past spring.

Harvest Church members were able to share the gospel with 200 children and adults at their spring Easter egg hunt.

Regardless, our people were out in full force and all the apprehension melted away as we saw car after car fill the parking area and line the street adjacent to the community park where we held the egg hunt.

Donuts were flying off the tables, the coffee pots were drained in a matter of minutes – it was a cold spring morning – and the fire we had started was a great gathering place for families as they awaited the Easter bunny and the start of the egg hunting mayhem. The fire also gave us an opportunity to clearly share the gospel with the 200 children and adults that gathered for the event. As we were cleaning up post-event, I remember the joy that our people expressed for the opportunity to move outside their comfort zone. Not only did the outreach serve to push our people out of their comfort zones, it gave them an opportunity to see that God is faithful. He can take our weak faith and plant seeds of faith in the hearts of people.

We were able to produce this outreach because of the generosity of the BRN evangelism grant. Thank you for all you do to support gospel-driven outreaches!