Hello BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today! Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Days like Thanksgiving give us a good opportunity to pause and think about all the Lord has done in and through us.

This has already been a momentous year of ministry here at the Baptist Resource Network, and we are incredibly thankful for the work you and your church does on a daily basis to impact your communities.

We are constantly hearing of baptisms and seeing evidence of many outreaches to neighborhoods, schools, and person-to-person evangelism by our churches. We are sensing the movement of God all around us, and for that we are very thankful!

In fact, over the past two years, we have been reworking our mission strategy so that we can better assist churches to accelerate that Kingdom movement. It is happening! Thank you!

To that end, I would love to pray for you, your church, and your family. Know that we are always here for you. Let’s pray…

Father, we are thankful. You have blessed us with so much. You provide for us in ways that we don’t deserve, and it’s in this moment that I just want to offer up a prayer to thank you for every pastor, pastors’ wives, their families–who serve You faithfully through our churches across the BRN. May you continue to bless them, give them what they need spiritually, emotionally, physically, so that they can be all that you called them to be in the place that you have called them. And I asked, also, Lord, that You would bless their churches. And we thank You for each and every one of our churches, knowing that every servant within their churches is a blessing from You–one that you called by name to faithfully serve You. So, Father, we are thankful for our churches and our pastors, and we just wanted to take this moment to lift them up before You asking You to bless them now and in the year to come, If that’s your choice to happen. So, thank You, Father.  Thank You for all that You’ve done across the BRN through them. And we expect even greater things, as you continue to work and move in Your people. We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Happy Thanksgiving!