Fusion exists to release biblical adults for a lifetime of making disciples for God’s glory. We do this by providing a directional process from adolescence to biblical adulthood.

Fusion is almost like a gap-year program, but much better! It is designed to equip young men and women to reach unreached and unengaged people groups around the globe in hard places.

The program is a year long, two semesters of training and then three months of overseas service alongside IMB personnel. It includes several elements that I think set it apart from any other program like this. Fusion includes trainings, life on life discipleship, church partnership, and hands on experience overseas. As students go through Fusion, they are concurrently earning credits toward a bachelor of arts in intercultural studies.

There are several trainings spread across two semesters. Ground School is almost like a boot camp. It is designed to introduce first year students (called candidates) to a cold water experience. It sets the expectation and the trajectory for the rest of the year. Candidates will also go through Transportation training where they are required to use different methods of transportation (trains, planes, buses, etc) to navigate across Kansas City and across the United States. Candidates will also go through First Aid and Survival Training, equipping them in first aid techniques to prepare for overseas. The training culminates in a final 30-mile hike. Candidates will also go through security training where they learn how to navigate through interrogations, contingency plans, international security, and more.

A key part of Fusion is the life on life discipleship. Candidates will be placed on a cohort with 3-4 others and will be lead by an advocate (a team leader). The advocate is a Fusion alumni who is committed to discipling and leading the cohort through the program. Cohorts live, eat, sleep, learn languages, and train together. In my experience my cohort members have become some of my closest and trusted brothers through all that we have gone through.

Fusion is committed to having its cohorts be faithful in attending and existing in a church. Part of being a faithful disciple is being a faithful church member. A huge part of growth comes through existing and living with the local churches in Kansas City.

The Fusion program aims to send its cohorts overseas in obedience to the Great Commission. Cohorts are innately equipped to not only survive but to thrive in overseas contexts. We specifically go to hard places, such as South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa because that is what we are equipped to do. Cohorts are trained to serve alongside IMB workers to help them with their local projects. Cohorts are able to overcome hardships and obstacles such as environmental extremes, cultural differences, language barriers, persecution, and much more for the sake of the Gospel reaching lost people.

This next fall I will be serving as a Fusion Advocate to lead a team overseas. I am looking for young adults who I can specifically invite to “Come With Me” in order to grow through this program and come out on the other side as a biblical adult. I am calling people to be challenged in their faith, to holiness, to obedience, to humility, to confession, to hardship, to selflessness, and to reach the lost. For those who do come with me specifically I can offer them a $500 scholarship to be part of my cohort. I am super excited to see who God brings to Fusion and even more excited to see them outrun me in godliness and passion!

This short video illustrates and explains more about Fusion:

To learn more, visit  https://spurgeoncollege.com/academics/fusion.

Travis Bush is an intern with Mosaic Church of York.