Across the country, churches are experiencing religious liberty legal challenges. These challenges relate to the use of church facilities, gender identity laws, equal access to government grants and property, employment regulations, and more.

You, as church leadership, should not have to bear this legal burden alone, and we’ve partnered with ADF Church Alliance to address this crucial matter.

ADF Church Alliance is a membership program that provides legal help so you can freely preach and operate your church in accordance with Christian principles.

Because of our partnership, you get a discount on this already affordable program. Use promo code BRN20 when you apply to receive the annual membership for just $250/year.

We strongly encourage you to be proactive and take advantage of this partnership by becoming a member today at

Benefits of membership include:

✔ Religious liberty audit:ADF reviews your church’s constitution, bylaws, and policies to expose and correct areas of legal risk.

✔ Direct access to attorneys:Consult with ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions.

✔ Resources:Access resources to help you and your congregation navigate religious liberty issues.

✔ Pro bono legal representation:ADF can represent your church in cases involving its religious freedom.